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All-in-One Ultra Rugged Computer

10.1" Screen - Rugged Windows Tablet

10.4" Screen - Rugged Windows Tablet

12.5" Screen - Rugged Windows Tablet

10.1" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

10.1" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

12.5" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

10.6" Screen - Ultra Rugged Windows Tablet

10.1" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

8.1" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

Fully Rugged Android 7" Tablet

10.1" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

11.6" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

Fully-Rugged Laptop - 13.3" Display

Semi-Rugged Laptop - 14" Display

Ultra-Rugged Laptop - 15.6" Display

Fully-Rugged Convertible Laptop - 11.6" Display

8." Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

7" Screen - Rugged Android 6.0 Tablet

10.1" Screen - Rugged two in one Windows Tablet

Construction sites run on diesel fuel, sweat, and hard work—but they also rely on integrated information covering every aspect of the project. Glacier’s line of rugged tablets, rugged laptops, and industrial computer are designed to make job-site multi-tasking, user-friendly and efficient, even in the roughest of conditions. From the office trailer to the where the work is being performed, rugged computer units mounted directly onto heavy equipment, industrial tablets, rugged laptops, are all engineered to run wherever and whenever you need them most.

Imagine it all at your fingertips: the budget breakdown beside the bank balance, the daily schedule beside the on-line inventory report from the materials supplier. Keeping track of work orders and personnel records, architectural plans and surveys, and billing history. E-mail a receipt or a digital image of the site to a customer on demand, or, coordinate the job crews at multiple sites based on real-time progress reports. Vehicles and equipment can be tracked or directed using on-board computers with GPS so they’re always ready to go where they are needed most.

Glacier rugged hardware boast features imperative to survival in a construction environment. These include sunlight readable displays, IP65 sealing, solid-state hard drives, integrated DC conversion, wide area connectivity….and multiple drop testing! Whether running project management software or linking components over a wireless network, Glacier’s rugged industrial computers can help drive productivity and cut expenses for every job type and size.

Glacier construction tablets range in display size from 7” to 12”. Designed to be read in direct sunlight, these tablets are routinely used by architects, foreman and supervisors alike in managing all aspects of construction. Whether building homes, office parks or large civil projects such as highways and bridges, a Windows or Android based durable tablet computer provides access to vital information.

For applications that require a more standard laptop form factor, Glacier supplies rugged laptops that are sealed against water and dust, including the keyboard and the ports. These laptops have significant processing power, multi-point touchscreens, and optional 4G connectivity. These tough laptops seamlessly replace office or commercial units that simply wouldn’t survive out in the field.

Glacier’s Kodiak unit is an all-in-on vehicle terminal designed specifically for fixed installation within construction heavy equipment vehicles. The Kodiak’s internal DC power supply connects easily to any voltage and the integrated VESA mounting system allows for flexible installation. The Glacier Kodiak provides construction operators any information deemed important to performing their job. But, on a platform far exceeding the capabilities of a commercial device.
Computers for construction mandate ease of use, ruggedness, long battery life, and versatility. Glacier offers numerous units that meet these tough requirements.


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