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Glacier Computer provides an E Ticketing Solution that is approved and funded by the state of New Hampshire, for under $1000.

The In-Vehicle Solution Package Includes:

  • Funded by New Hampshire J-1 Program

  • Reduces time spent on traffic stops and parking citations

  • Increases officer and violator safety

  • Eliminates data entry errors on citations

  • Eliminates data entry into court and public safety records systems

  • Reduces total cost of processing citations

  • Requires minimal IT support

  • Provides complete citation, statistical and mapping reports

  • Auto-fills suspect information from driver’s license, VIN number or registration sticker

  • Operates on any Microsoft OS mobile device

  • Interfaces with any public safety records management or court case management system

Glacier Computer, an Amherst-based computer hardware integrator, has been supplying mobile data terminals and in-vehicle computing solutions for police since our founding in 2000.  With the rapidly approaching release of the state’s J-One E-Ticketing program, Glacier has been receiving calls from numerous departments to supply not only the three key components covered under the grant, but several other accessories and options important for a successful in-car implementation.

Included within the grant are the printer, bar code scanner and GPS receiver. Glacier is offering both the BROTHER as well as the PRINTEK printers.  Both units print 8.5 x 11, are rugged, and are connected to both the vehicle’s power source as well as to the MDT via a supplied standard USB cable.

Important additional items to consider include:

• Head rest or Arm rest brackets to mount the printer as well as hold the paper roll

• Paper rolls – standard or premium, perforated with 7 or 20-year archive – ability

• Extended warranty coverage for the printer

Glacier can assist with hardware selection as well as the best options for your particular installation.

For more information, Contact John Geary in our Amherst, New Hampshire Office: 866-724-6257 ext: 3213


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