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10.4" Screen - Rugged Windows Tablet

10.4" Screen - Rugged Windows Tablet

10.6" Screen - Ultra Rugged Windows Tablet

10.1" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

11.6" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

10.1" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

10.1" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

11.6" Windows Tablet PC

13.3" 2-in-1 Tablet PC

12.5" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

12.5" Screen - Rugged Windows Tablet

Semi-Rugged Laptop - 14" Display

Fully-Rugged Convertible Laptop - 11.6" Display

Fully-Rugged Laptop - 13.3" Display

7" Screen - Lightweight Android Tablet

Businesses and their customers always agree: there’s nothing better than the right service professional in the right place, at the right time, doing the right job. With Glacier’s industrial computers, coordinating all of these parts is easier and more efficient than ever before. Glacier’s rugged Android tablets, rugged Windows tablets, rugged laptop computers, and handheld computers let the office talk to the field and turn the field into a fully-functioning mobile office.

Industries from construction to utilities, agriculture to waste management, and maintenance services to cleaning companies have all made use of Glacier’s mobile computing products. Applications allow workers to stay connected and put information in the hands of the field worker, dispatcher, or manager at the moment they need it. Schedules, delivery routes, maintenance updates, work orders, and invoices are visible and accessible in real time over the wireless network. An operator equipped with an industrial rugged Windows or Android computer from Glacier can be dispatched with a GPS map to a remote supplier, collect up-to-the-minute information on a parts purchase, make a record of a transaction, and transport materials to where they are needed for an urgent repair, right now.

Service personnel process bills of material, review schematics, process work orders and create invoices at the job site. Bills can be printed in their vehicle and directions to the next job retrieved on the spot. An address is entered and the GPS takes over, making for an efficient and work day and satisfied customer.

The field can be a tough place, of course, so we’ve soaked our tablets and dropped our laptops over and over to make sure they’re up to the job. Glacier’s rugged computers are sealed against liquids and dust, and their displays are readable in the direct sunlight. Internal GPS and rugged IP 65 enclosures are among the features designed to deliver full-blown, reliable, rugged computing power directly to field operators wherever their assignment takes them.
Industrial tablets are available in a variety of sizes with numerous carry straps and cases. Vehicle docks allow for easy charging, connection to peripherals and locked security. Rugged laptops have sealed backlit keyboards for use any time day or night. Powerful Intel processors support any field service application and bring the office to the work vehicle. Vehicle power adaptors, extra capacity batteries and efficient electronic designs keep units connected and running thru the course of an entire shift, plus overtime.

Embedded with 4G LTE chips, any tablet or laptop can communicate via all top carriers and important data can be transmitted and received. Solid-state hard drives and vibration and shock testing to MIL-STD-810G ensure all computers are far more rugged and durable than their commercial counterparts.


8” Screen - Fully-Rugged Windows Tablet

10.1” Screen - Rugged Windows Tablet

10.1” Screen - Rugged 2-in-1 Windows Tablet


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