Glacier Computer

RMA Procedure

If you need to return a Glacier unit to the factory for either warranty or non-warranty service, please submit the information on the form and read the instructions below:


  • 1. After receiving an RMA number, please reference that RMA number on the package. Be sure to package the unit properly to ensure its safety. If you need packaging material to return your Glacier unit for repair, contact Customer Service. Glacier Computer is not responsible for any damages caused during transit so insure as you see fit.

    2. Shipping Costs: If product is in-warranty, customer is responsible for shipping costs to Glacier Computer; Glacier will be responsible for shipping costs back to customer. If product is out of warranty, customer is responsible for all shipping costs.

    3. If an estimate is required, the time to create and approve the estimate will be added to the overall turnaround time of the repair.

    4. All out of warranty repairs will require a PO or credit card prior to the return of the unit.

    5. Repairs under certain Comprehensive Warranties may be charged a deductible if it is determined to be a customer induced damage.

    6. Warranty of replaced or repaired product will be honored under the greater of the remaining period of the initial warranty, or Ninety (90) days from ship date of repaired/replaced product. No other additional time will be added to the warranty period. This warranty does not apply to products that have been misused, abused, altered or damaged in shipment.

    7. In the event of a dispute, Glacier Computer will determine whether a repair is considered under warranty or not.

    8. A diagnostic fee of $187.50 will be charged when a repair is out of warranty and the customer decides not to repair the unit.

    9. After 6 months, repairs that are abandoned will be disposed of at Glacier's discretion.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Once we receive this information, it will be entered in our Customer Service Database. You will then receive a confirmation email with an RMA number and shipping instructions. All RMA packages should be returned to the New Hampshire facility. Questions? Interested in finding out more? Contact one of our rugged and industrial computer experts by email or call us toll free at 866-724-6257 x3206.