Vehicle-Mount Industrial Computers For Forklifts and Heavy Equipment

Glacier Computer sells more rugged and semi-rugged computers into vehicle applications than into all other location options combined. “Vehicle” can mean just about any moving object and has included forklifts, tow motors, pallet jacks, police, fire and ambulances, golf carts, ATVs, boats, planes and trucks. Add hostlers, powered carts, cranes, backhoes, and farm implements and that nearly covers the spectrum of options.

The drive for integrating Windows or Android-based computing power within a vehicle is being driven by both the desire for more accurate and real-time information as well as by the large number of available units designed for these very environments. Glacier customers span a vast array of industries from airlines to freight companies, utilities to public safety, and cold storage to major ports. The ability to get a local or wide area networked device into the hands of personnel in the field makes workers more efficient and more accurate. Entering freight data on board a forklift in an LTL operation can include door locations, reweighs and OS&D information. In this way, customer freight information is always up to date and available; reweighs are entered into the system to ensure proper charges, and damaged goods are noted in a timely manner. Police car computers allow for quick and accurate entering of license and personal data into the crime database, rapid return of pertinent history and outstanding warrants, and ultimately, better officer safety. Tablet computers also keep officers in the field by using a mobile device to record scenes, take photos, and write reports without having to return to the station.