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Vehicle-Mount Industrial Computers For Forklifts and Heavy Equipment

Glacier Computer sells more rugged and semi-rugged computers into vehicle applications than into all other location options combined. “Vehicle” can mean just about any moving object and has included forklifts, tow motors, pallet jacks, police, fire and ambulances, golf carts, ATVs, boats, planes and trucks. Add hostlers, powered carts, cranes, backhoes, and farm implements and that nearly covers the spectrum of options.

The drive for integrating Windows or Android-based computing power within a vehicle is being driven by both the desire for more accurate and real-time information as well as by the large number of available units designed for these very environments. Glacier customers span a vast array of industries from airlines to freight companies, utilities to public safety, and cold storage to major ports. The ability to get a local or wide area networked device into the hands of personnel in the field makes workers more efficient and more accurate. Entering freight data on board a forklift in an LTL operation can include door locations, reweighs and OS&D information. In this way, customer freight information is always up to date and available; reweighs are entered into the system to ensure proper charges, and damaged goods are noted in a timely manner. Police car computers allow for quick and accurate entering of license and personal data into the crime database, rapid return of pertinent history and outstanding warrants, and ultimately, better officer safety. Tablet computers also keep officers in the field by using a mobile device to record scenes, take photos, and write reports without having to return to the station.


All-in-One Ultra Rugged Computer

11.6" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

8.1" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

10.1" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

10.1" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

10.1" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

12.5" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

10.6" Screen - Ultra Rugged Windows Tablet

Semi-Rugged Laptop - 14" Display

Ultra-Rugged Laptop - 15.6" Display

Fully-Rugged Convertible Laptop - 11.6" Display

Fully-Rugged Laptop - 13.3" Display

10.1" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

Mobility is made possible by rugged computer options ranging from all-in-one industrial computers designed specifically for forklifts to rugged tablet computers and rugged laptops with sturdy docks designed to be moved easily between vehicle and between the vehicle and handheld use. Forklift computers require a wide voltage input range, integrated mounting system and the ability to withstand shock, vibration and extremes of temperature. Tablet computers must be both rugged enough for the cart, truck or train yet light enough to be carried for long periods. And, with enough battery power to last over what might be a long time outside of the powered vehicle dock. Add sunlight readable displays, multiple standard I/O ports, Wifi, WWAN and GPS options, and a rugged computer for a truck or crane is required to meet many demands.

The Glacier Computer Kodiak is a rugged vehicle mount computer designed to operate in harsh real-world conditions where it is wet and dirty and extremes of temperature, shock and vibration are standard environmental circumstances. In these challenging environments, no desktop nor commercial device will survive for long, if at all. The Kodiak is a fifth generation design based on 16 years of knowledge and experience onboard forklifts, pallet trucks, dump trucks, backhoes, cranes and more. Glacier knows that clean power can be a challenge as well as mounting, viewability and reliable communication.

The Kodiak has an internal 12-48 VDC power converter allowing it to connect directly, without the need for external inverter, to any vehicle power system. Kodiak mounting options leave you total flexibility to accommodate a user-friendly and safe installation. The Kodiak is tested to conquer these extreme settings by being designed specifically for them. HALT testing, a projected capacitive touchscreen interface, sunlight readable display, ample wireless options including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and a host of rugged accessories meet your extreme-condition data collection needs.

Glacier rugged laptop and tablet computer offerings include units from world leaders including Getac and Xplore technology. All are engineered and manufactured with vehicle use in mind. Built to MIL-STD-810G with robust warranties and docks for any mobile install, these tablets and laptops connect any worker to the corporate network. Semi-rugged and fully rugged laptops and convertibles also bring a common platform to ones that can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, dirt, dust and carbon filings. A rugged laptop is often used in public safety, construction, and field service vehicles.

Glacier computer solutions are utilized in industries, including construction, utility, retail, field service, manufacturing, public safety, delivery, warehouse, freight and distribution. And since many vehicle applications are unique, Glacier’s engineering team can design or adapt a mobile computing solution customized for your personal data collection needs.


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