Industrial Computer Accessories

Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing rugged or industrial computer systems or if you are interested in accessories for a new Glacier Computer purchase, Glacier has all of the forklift computer, rugged laptop and rugged tablet computer accessories you need. Glacier Computer has a line of industrial and rugged computer accessories for the Kodiak and the many tablet computers, rugged laptops, handhelds and any other industrial computer you may currently have.
Accessories often considered with a Kodiak forklift computer include rugged keyboards, virtual on-screen keyboards, bar code scanners, stylus’, USB pigtail cables, rugged label printers, and alternative mounting systems. Tablet computers come with an enormous accessory option list including vehicle and office docking stations, hand and shoulder straps, carry cases, screen protectors, vehicle power adaptors, spare and second batteries, and single and multi-bay battery chargers. Rugged laptops are often accompanied by active docks, second hard drives, car adaptors, and license scanners.

Rugged Keyboards

Rugged keyboards are available in a variety of sizes and with many configuration options. These options include: number pads, touch pads, and pointing devices. Sealed and backlit options make our rugged keyboard solutions as durable as our computers. Also, keyboards can be wired or wireless depending on what works best for the environment. Tablet keyboards can be easily attached and removed from the unit and often fold for easy transport. Rugged laptop keyboards can even be upgraded to full waterproof.

Bar Code Scanners

Glacier Computer offers a broad array of bar code scanners from the industries’ top manufacturers. A combination of laser scanners and imagers from Zebra, Honeywell, and Datalogic ensure Glacier has a scanning solution for every environment. Depending on the proximity to the bar code and the size of the symbology, scanners are available to read labels from just a few inches to 40 feet away. These scanners can be hard wired via USB cables or utilize a wireless Bluetooth connection. Bar code scanner durability ranges from commercial to ultra-rugged with warranties out to five years.

Vehicle Mounting Systems

Mounting a unit onto a forklift or a wall can require a unique car keyboard tablet mount and we can tailor a bracket assembly to work best with the specific user environment. Our mounting brackets work on stand-up and sit-down lifts, patrol cars, cranes, freight terminal walls and shop-floor work centers. Optional mounting plates for keyboards are also available. We offer a wide range of custom engineered and off-the-shelf car keyboard tablet mount systems to meet your specific applications. Whether on a forklift, construction vehicle, cart, dock door, police car, or shop floor, Glacier has a tablet mounting bracket to optimize space and usability.

Software Solutions

Connecting your mobile workforce isn’t a challenge with Glacier’s rugged mobile software solutions. Glacier offers several software solutions to quickly deploy your mobile workforce to get the job done, both inside and outside the four walls. Our software solutions include support for terminal emulation, virtual keyboards, and device management.

Tablet Docks

Tablet docking solutions for office and vehicle use are available for all rugged tablets. Simple docks for simply keeping a tablet secure up to complex docking stations with multiple I/O, integrated power, and pass thru antennas are all available. Docks allow for easy removal and installation by personnel while keeping the tablet secure. There are numerous dock options to consider depending on the exact needs of the application and environment.

Power Adaptors

AC adaptors for simple fixed mount use and charging come with every tablet. DC converters for use in vehicles ranging from 12-60 volts are also options. These converters are designed to handle the occasional low voltage situations seen in 12V vehicles during very cold temperatures to the ultra-high voltage spikes capable of being experienced on older 48V forklifts. The right adaptor is incredibly important to keep your rugged computer up, charged, and protected.


Mobile personnel need an easy way to carry and use their tablet during a shift. Each units comes with a series of hand and wrist straps, shoulder straps, and carry cases. Each offering is ergonomically designed while providing a secure method to hold the device comfortably for long periods.

Batteries and Battery Chargers

Most rugged Windows and Android tablet computers come with the option for hot-swapping the batteries thus ensuring a battery swap without the need to turn off the computer. Glacier tablet and rugged laptop solutions have options for second batteries as well as spare batteries. And, while batteries can be charged while in the unit, Glacier offers separate dual and multi-bay battery chargers so that batteries are always ready when most needed.