1. Tech Tuesday on Wednesday – October 7th, 2015

    Are Quantum Processors in our near-future? A team from the University of New South Wales, Australia says yes. "Our team at UNSW has just cleared a major hurdle to making quantum computing a reality," the director of the university's Australian National Fabrication Facility, Andrew Dzurak, the project's leader, said."As well as demonstrating the first quantum logic gate in silicon, we've also desig…Read More

  2. The Glacier Blog is Back!

    We've got a new theme, a new look, and while there is still some remodeling left to complete, the Glacier blog is back. New content is arriving soon so stay connected with expanded social media sharing or sign up for email updates.…Read More

  3. Tech Tuesday on Wednesday July 8th, 2015

    This week the physics of sparklers, custom 3D printed cars (for the road), and you don't have to travel to a galaxy far far away - hoverbike technology is here. Hoverbikes are real:  The United States Army Research, Development and Engineering Command has commissioned two companies to develop hoverbike technology. Malloy Aeronautics earlier this month demoed a working hoverbike at the Paris Air…Read More

  4. Tech Tuesday on Wednesday July 1st, 2015

    This weeks less than typical tech news includes battling drones (as a hobby), a "camera"(or is it an accessory) from OLYMPUS for your smartphone, and IKEA scries the connected kitchen of the future. Game of Drones "...aerial sports -- drone fighting and racing -- seem primed to become a major new driver of consumer drone sales, and Cornblatt is sitting atop a deranged and delightful empire in the…Read More

  5. Tech Tuesday on Wednesday June 24th, 2015

    This week we've got magnetic storms, a smarter smoke detector, and a vulnerability alert for Adobe Flash.   The last storm was seen as far south as Washington DC. (bbc.com) On Wednesday (July 24), the Space Weather Prediction Center said the Northern Lights should be visible across most of Canada and in the U.S. northern tier states of North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan and northern Maine. Do…Read More

  6. Tech Tuesday on Wednesday for June 17th, 2015

    This week on Tech Tuesday on Wednesday we bring you... The worlds thinnest light bulb - How thin is it? “This new type of ‘broadband’ light emitter can be integrated into chips and will pave the way towards the realisation of atomically thin, flexible, and transparent displays, and graphene-based on-chip optical communications,” A view from Pluto - The former planet not the cartoon dog. W…Read More

  7. Tech Tuesday on Wednesday for June 10th, 2015

    This week on Tech Tuesday on Wednesday we've got one of the most stylish portable-power options available (in September) from Mercedes Benz. According to the details shared by Mercedes-Benz, the energy content of each of the energy storage units is 2.5kWh; with eight combined units capable of holding a total of 20kWh energy content. (Read More...) There is a counter-top oven you can monitor and op…Read More

  8. Tech Tuesday on Wednesday for June 3rd, 2015 (with preamble)

    If you are new to Tech Tuesday on Wednesday, you might wonder "why Tech Tuesday on Wednesday" ? Fans of the TV show "The Walking Dead" may recall Hershel Greene who, in the 2013 season titled 'Internment' announced that, "I think we should make some new rules before they get back. I hereby declare we have spaghetti Tuesdays every Wednesday. First we have to find some spaghetti." In the interest of…Read More

  9. The Glacier Blog is Back – Win an Android Tablet

    Just a quick note to inform everyone that the Glacier Blog is back.  We were down for a few months but everything appears to have been corrected. Please check back for  updates on new product announcements.  We are also giving away  a rugged Android tablet (pictured).  Just follow us on Twitter by July 4th for your chance to win.  …Read More

  10. Glacier End of Life Product Notification

    Glacier End of Life Product Notification Notification Date 11/19/2014 Product Affected Everest E2000 CE Last Time Buy 3/15/2015 Special Pricing 12/30/2014 Due to an End of Life situation on major processor chipsets from OMAP, we are preparing to discontinue the E2000 CE product line. As such, it is necessary for Glacier Computer to designate the above listed product for End of Life (EOL). The last…Read More

  11. 5 Keys in the Evolution to “Smart” Forklifts.

    The term “Smart” in front of any noun has become the new standard for referring to the latest technological advancements in cars, phones, even hospital beds, but what about forklifts?  Thanks to a convergence of modern data collection technologies forklifts are evolving from warehouse workhorses into data collection Divas. Here are 5 key areas to consider when we talk about the evolution to S…Read More

  12. The Intelligent Forklift

    The Intelligent Forklift A Brief about the Interaction of Two Dissimilar Technologies that Converge at the Forklift As forklifts begin to emerge from being the last frontier of technology change in the warehouse, an evolution begins to take place at the most unexpected but most logical place:  The Intelligent Forklift. Understanding this convergence opens a new era for those technologies that are…Read More

  13. Rugged Android Tablet – Fusion 7: The Video

    Most tablets break when you drop them, lean on them, sit on them, use them... Glacier's Fusion 7 rugged Android tablet is built to give you the versatility of a tablet, in a form factor and operating environment your employees will be familiar with.  But it is also built to survive almost any work environment.  Check this out...   Sorry - We have removed this content. New video will be prov…Read More

  14. Glacier Computer Announces – The Fusion 7 – Rugged Android Tablet

    Glacier Computer announces the release of a new Rugged Android Tablet for the Industrial Marketplace. Fusion 7 - Rugged Android Tablet The Fusion 7 Rugged Android Tablet extends the Glacier Computer product line of rugged industrial PCs, rugged tablets, portable hand-held devices, and fixed mounted data collection computers.  Glacier industrial computers are typically used in harsh industrial env…Read More

  15. Glacier Makes Wearable Computer Tech “History”

    Mashable.com recently posted a 'history of wearable Tech.'  They've got a few things you might not remember but the standard-bearers are there.  Calculator wristwatch,  Bluetooth headset,  the iPod, and of course Google glass.  But back in 2009 Glacier began offering a product called the W200, a fully functional wireless PC you wore on your wrist. And Mashable gave us props for it. We're stil…Read More

  16. Save the Carton – Save Time And Money

    When considering how you want to ship product to your customers ensuring the integrity of the contents is paramount.  At Glacier Computer, even though we specialize in rugged computers,  we selected a tough, double wall corrugated carton, and sprung for some very pricey custom-cut, padded foam-ears for our Everest line of computers. Yes, they do a great job of getting the product to the customer…Read More

  17. A Glacier In The Rainforest?

    How do you use a Glacier to promote spider-silk farming in Costa Rica? You Donate it to the Forman school. Forman School is a college-preparatory boarding and day school with a vital purpose: to deliver an unparalleled education for students with learning differences to empower them to succeed in college and throughout their lives. Glacier Computer donated a T510K Rugged tablet to the Forman Schoo…Read More

  18. Glacier Computer Opens ‘Shop Front’ at Forklift Action.com

    Glacier Computer designs and manufactures rugged computers in several different form factors including,  rugged handhelds, rugged tablets, and rugged VMT (Vehicle Mount Terminals), all used for data collection in harsh environments. Typical applications are mounting on a forklift or other heavy equipment, a warehouse wall or industrial piece of machinery, or more portable apps for managers, tech…Read More

  19. Felix Baumgartner’s 24 Mile Jump to Earth

    LA Times On Oct. 14, 2012, the Austrian skydiver stepped off the narrow porch of an experimental capsule hovering  127,852 feet over New Mexico and became the first free-falling person to break the sound barrier. Instruments recorded his top speed at 843.6 miles per hour, which is 1.25 times faster the speed of sound.  (YouTube Link)…Read More

  20. Glacier Rugged Tablets – The T707 Rugged Industrial Tablet

    The T707 combines the functionality of a desktop, the portability of a tablet and the convenience of a handheld in a rugged industrial form factor. Each system is certified to MIL-STD 810G/F for sealing, vibration and drop specifications. The T707 comes standard with a 7.0” display for low light conditions and the option for a 500 NIT sunlight readable, outdoor display. Communications to and fro…Read More