1. What’s In Your Mobile Work-Force?

    You've heard about it.  The global mobile workforce.  Well it's growing. The number of mobile workers across the globe will reach 1.3 billion by 2015 but research commissioned by ClickSoftware Technologies indicates that companies are not ready to tap this trend. Forty-six per cent of CIOs surveyed believe current corporate strategy does not deliver on the 'Mobile Dream.' However, 74% of CIOs be…Read More

  2. Glacier Announces the Everest E4500 Rugged Forklift Terminal

    GLACIER COMPUTER ANNOUNCES EVEREST E4500 RUGGED FORKLIFT TERMINAL Glacier Computer, a leading provider of rugged industrial computing solutions, announced today the addition of the E4500 to the Everest line-up of fixed and vehicle mount terminals (VMT's).  The E4500 adds additional configuration options for their core markets of warehouse, distribution, manufacturing, and logistics.  The E4500 c…Read More

  3. Does A Device Buffet Cause IT Indigestion?

    There are dozens of questions you should ask if your business has been bitten by the Portable/Tablet bug. How is the tablet or device to be used?  Inside or outside the four walls?  Does your device need to survive a drop to a hard surface such as a manufacturing floor or parking lot?  Will the end user be around fluids where there will be a risk of spillage?   Do you need to use it in a free…Read More

  4. Shock and Vibration – The Everest Shake Test

    Shock and Vibration can wreck a typical computer in short order.  They are not designed from the board up to withstand that kind of use.  They are meant to sit next to your desk and collect dust.  But the Everest Vehicle Mount Terminals are HALT tested, and engineered to continue working in the most extreme environments. To ensure continued reliability, we regularly shake test them.  To do thi…Read More

  5. City Furniture Finds Efficiencies with Glacier’s Everest E2000 VMT

    A Case Study City Furniture Case Study.pdf The Problem City Furniture strives for the ultimate customer experience by delivering quality furnishings in a manner that fits all budgets.  With fifteen City Furniture Stores and nine Ashley Home Store showrooms they wanted to keep their state-of-the art distribution center running at peak efficiency. The distribution center in Tamarac had operated eff…Read More

  6. Your Boss Has No Idea…

    Supply Chain Digest has a story on the CBS show "Undercover Boss," that hits close to home.  A CEO of a large company spends some 'quality time' at one of his Distribution Centers (DC), only to find out that it's really hard work.  We do a lot of work with and in DC's so we could have told you that. For the second time, the popular CBS show Undercover Boss planted a CEO inside one of his company…Read More

  7. Glacier S9000 Get’s Mucked Up

    We wanted to make sure you understood something; that the S9000 Rugged mount PC is made to get dirty because you will never have any problem with getting it clean again.   So go ahead, capture data and share information from places no ordinary computer could ever survive.  We've got it covered. To help demonstrate that, we took an S9000 for a walk into the woods, and shoved it into a slimy hole…Read More

  8. The T508 gets More Ice-Time or The Rugged Tablet Hat Trick

    We took the Glacier T508 Rugged Tablet and treated it like a hockey puck.  But we didn't just do a drop test.  If you saw the snow on the tablet from the first video, that came from what we did to the T508 Tablet before the Puck-Drop test. Here's that five minutes of ice-time condensed into about 90 seconds of abuse, and three goals.   http://youtu.be/KEq-pJLJ7Yk…Read More

  9. Part III -Why Does a Rugged Tablet Cost More Than an iPad?

    Need another reason why Rugged Tablets cost more than consumer tablets?  We've got two. The expectations and needs of the customer define how you are able to manufacture the product, and in the case of Rugged Tablets and the average consumer tablet, the divide is great.  In Part III we address how that difference adds to the cost to manufacture. We also take a quick look at the Cost of ownership…Read More

  10. You Can’t Do This With an iPad

    It's The T508 Rugged Tablet Drop Test - You Hockey Puck! We've christened the Glacier blog by talking about what rugged buys you, and why it costs so much more, but talk--as they say--is cheap.  Nothing gets a point across better than seeing the kinds of potential abuse your tablet might encounter... ...or the kind of abuse that exceeds what your rugged tablet might encounter. The kind of things …Read More

  11. Part II -Why Does a Rugged Tablet Cost More Than an iPad?

    There is great divide between what a consumer expects from a Tablet PC and what a commercial user demands for the efficiency of their work space.  The differences between the two create the kind of engineering challenges that are not limited to how much abuse the thing will tolerate. In Part II of "Why Does a Rugged Tablet Cost More Than an iPad..." ...engineering plays a pivotal role in the cost…Read More

  12. LinkedIn Groups

    In the Social media verse LinkedIn is an underrated opportunity. LinkedIn just doesn't get the kind of public "Media" attention it deserves. But this quiet giant is an essential resource for any business owner or professional, no matter what your field of study or interest. And while it does not capture headlines it does attract interest. One feature, in particular, that you should consider taking…Read More

  13. Why Does a Rugged Tablet Cost More Than an iPad?

    Why do rugged tablets cost so much more than what you might purchase from Apple or Best Buy? We talk to customers every day who ask the same question. They want to use tablets in their factories, warehouses, or delivery vans, but struggle with the reasoning behind the increased cost of ruggedization. You might think this is a no brainer, because an iPad doesn’t look anything like a rugged tablet…Read More