Glacier Computer offers a broad array of computer barcode reader scanners from the industries top manufacturers.
A combination of industrial barcode reader scanners and imagers from Zebra, Honeywell, and Datalogic ensure Glacier has a scanning solution for every environment. Glacier works closely with you, the customer, to understand your required scanning ranges, the operating environment, and the desired interface to your computer barcode reader.  Industrial barcode scanners are available with PS/2, USB, Serial, and wireless connections.

Glacier Computer partners with the industries best scanner manufacturers to supply customers with a range of options.  Computer barcode scanners and imagers are available for every condition and environment. From less than an inch away to 45 feet from the bar code, Glacier can provide a scanner that maximizes user efficiency and accuracy.  All scanners are environmentally tested and are designed to operate in extreme conditions. And, numerous interface choices, including wireless, ensure a computer barcode reader for every application.


Datalogic PowerScan PD9130 – Omnidirectional, any code, any direction, rugged, corded



Honeywell 1980i – Corded, industrial-grade imager, full-range scanning out to 52’

Honeywell 1911i – Wireless, industrial-grade area imager, up to 14 hours of battery life

Honeywell 1300G – Corded, handheld bar code scanner



Zebra DS3608ER – Ultra-range 1D/2D Imager, corded, super-fast, reads out to 70’

Zebra DS3678ER – Cordless, industrial-grade, w/battery & BT LED status

Zebra DS8108 – Corded, high-resolution handheld scanner

Zebra DS8178 – Cordless USB barcode scanner with handsfree charger

Zebra DS2208 – Corded, handheld 2D imager

Zebra DS2278 – Cordless, Bluetooth handheld 2D imager