Have you always wondered what your employees would do with their spare time at work if they had it? Running back and forth between their desktop computer and then back to driving their forklift can cause your workers to lose precious time – precious time that they could be applying to another task at hand. Are you wanting to give your employees an opportunity to save some time while out on the warehouse floor? If so, Glacier Computer is the right place for you to be.

industrial tablet

Why are your employees losing valuable time at work? Is it because the computer they have to use is sitting on a desk on the other side of the warehouse? Or, is it because the technology you allow them to use is slow and/or becomes damaged by the harsh environment, not to mention from the employees who handle them?

Our Solutions

Glacier Computer has a solution: Industrial grade computers. The industrial tablets we carry vary from forklift computers and warehouse tablets to construction and field workforce tablets. We carry the most rugged tablets available on the market so you have choices that will make you and your employees’ jobs much more efficient. Does this sound like something that could free up some time to get more work completed throughout a single workday?

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We suggest you take a look at all of the incredible industries our industrial tablets serve, as well as the applications available on each. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have questions or concerns regarding our industrial products that were made to be tough and save time.