industrial tabletsJust like smartphones, tablets are fragile and very susceptible to breaks. For this reason, Glacier Computers has made it a point to make the best industrial tablets for use in a warehouse, a job site or for personal reasons; it’s up to you! But what would make you want to buy an industrial tablet at all? Well, if you’re rough with tablets, it’s not uncommon for them to break, which leads us into today’s focus: The most common ways tablets are destroyed. But first, catch up by reading some previous posts that explained the first four ways to ruin your tablet.

10 Easy Ways to Completely Ruin Your Not-So-Tough Tablet

  1. Leaving it running…all the time. Look, we understand that it can seem scary to shut off a device that you use all of the time, but it’s important to let your device rest, just like yourself. Our tablets work, and work, and work and work some more! In fact, many of us use tablets more than our desktop computers, so it makes sense to leave them on all of the time, right? Wrong! Let your tablet rest, even your industrial tablet. Not letting them get some much need power rejuvenation can cause your tablet to perform slower.
  1. SIM card lock botch. Let’s face it, everyone loves privacy, but there is no need to lock the SIM card on your device, especially if you’re using a tablet for industrial purposes. In fact, a SIM card that has been botched is completely useless, which in turn makes your device useless. Yes, you can replace the SIM in your tablet, but it won’t be able to function without it.

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