1. MCFA Partners with Glacier Computer for Rugged Forklift Computers

    MCFA Partners with Glacier Computer for Rugged Forklift Computers For immediate release: New Milford, CT, November 15, 2013 - Rapidparts Inc. (Rapidparts), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (MCFA), supplies service parts for competitive forklift brands and other aftermarket products to authorized Cat® lift truck, Mitsubishi forklift truck and Jungheinrich®…Read More

  2. Up Your Warehouse or Distribution Center ‘Game’ With the Everest E2000

        Windows CE is the operating system of choice for leading warehouse and distribution centers. Ideal for thin client, HTML, and remote desktop applications; the Everest E2000 industrial computer is designed for vehicle and fixed-mount industrial applications. The E2000 is engineered to withstand extremes of vibration, shock, and moisture while providing users ready access to critical i…Read More

  3. IBM Uses “Electronic Blood” To Power and Cool Processors

    As we approach the extent to which powerful processors can be miniaturized the engineering has to move in a new direction. At IBM that direction is a brain-inspired 3D architecture, staking processors and memory in close proximity.  But it is a solution with the same old problem.  How do you remove all the heat? One possible answer; Electronic Blood. The art of liquid cooling has been demonstrat…Read More

  4. Extend Mobile Computing Power With New Chip

    Mobile computing has become ubiquitous as has charging the devices to keep them running.  People would rather be using them than charging them so researchers, designers, and engineers have been searching for ways to deliver not processing power but to balance the energy to feed it. With that goal in mind SuVolta has been looking for way to make transistors more energy efficient. SuVolta’s techn…Read More

  5. Glacier Computer Introduces the T707 Rugged Tablet

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Glacier Computer Adds Another Member to their Family of Rugged Tablet Offerings T707    RUGGED – CONFIGURABLE – JUST SMALLER New Milford, CT – September 1, 2013 - Glacier Computer, a leading provider of rugged industrial computing solutions, announces the addition of the T707 to an already powerful line up of rugged tablet options.  The T707 combines enhanced rugge…Read More

  6. Glacier Tech Tuesday – Blueprints for ‘Brain-like’ Computing

    IBM's TrueNorth seeks to create a computer architecture that is more like the human brain. In a series of three papers released today, [Dharmendra S. Modha's,] team details the TrueNorth system and its possible applications. Most modern computer systems are built on the Von Neumann architecture—with separate units for storing information and processing it sequentially—and they use programming …Read More

  7. It’s Good to Have Options – T710 Tablet Docking Options

    Glacier Computer's new T710 Rugged Tablet Computer is getting a lot of attention, and docking options are an important part of that mix. Having a tablet computer that is completely sealed from dust and particulates and can withstand a water bombardment of 12.5 liters per minute from a nozzle is great.  Having a piece of hardware that  can be dropped from 6 feet and still be well within warranty …Read More

  8. Sensor Based Logistics – A Supply Chain Game Changer

    Bar-codes ruled the roost for years when it came to tracking shipments and supply chain management and for the most part continue to play the role of 'Front-man' for the supply chain band.  RFID tags came along and added a layer of detail, supplementing the bar-code by allowing additional data collection as material moved (or was moved) past readers at fixed points in the supply chain.  The next…Read More

  9. Glacier Tech Tuesday – A 3D Printing Revolution

    Computer aided or assisted design has evolved thanks to the robotic revolution and innovations that made 3D printing a reality.  Today's designers and craftsman can exchange the hand-tools they used to use for digital design tools and equipment that allows them to turn their imagination into a part or product in a fraction of the time.   And not just where they are, but anywhere in the world wh…Read More

  10. Glacier Computer Announces New Rugged Tablet T710

    New Milford, CT - June 2013 Glacier Computer, a leading provider of rugged industrial computing solutions, announces the addition of the T710 to an already powerful line up of rugged tablet options.  The T710 combines enhanced rugged specs, configurability and better value into one, very dependable package.  Backed by Glacier's, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" warranty coverage, the T710 is the perfect …Read More

  11. Is Wireless Neural Networking In Our Future?

    This is not a new field of study--the idea of transmitting neural activity to a PC or robot that then follows your commands--but it is new enough, as is this recent study done by researchers looking to map how the brain learns to use this technology. Nature World News The researchers were able to piggyback on top of the medical procedures and while the physicians watched for signs of a seizure, t…Read More

  12. Glacier Tech Tuesday – Fruit Hackers & The Fridge of the Future

    By manipulating light, carbon-dioxide, and nutrients cutting edge food scientists are hacking into fruits and vegetables in search of new ways to control how they grow.  This isn't some funky fertilizer research either.  Recent discoveries about light, for example, have produced some bountiful results. At the Wageningen greenhouses (Wageningen University and Research Center, Netherlands), resear…Read More

  13. Glacier Technology Tuesday – Do Smartphones Need a Kill Switch

    Would you want your Smartphone to have a kill switch? A New York State Attorney General and a San Francisco District Attorney are meeting with four major cell phone manufacturers to discuss the possibility of integrating a feature that would allow for the remote deactivation of the devices when stolen. New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and San Francisco District Attorney George Gas…Read More

  14. Take a Tour of Mount Everest – From Your Smart Phone

    A company called  3D RealityMaps has released a new app that lets you take virtual tours using satellite images, of Mount Everest. The app "Mount Everest 3D" by 3D Reality Maps offers the world's highest-resolution 3D map of the highest mountain on earth for smartphones and tablets. The map is based on satellite images from unique satellite WordView2 of DigitalGlobe and is so precise that the …Read More

  15. Glacier Technology Tuesday: New Digital Police Sketch Generator

    IQ Biometrix has developed a software package called FACES.  It allows almost anyone, without ever having been trained as a forensic artist, to render a near-photo-quality composite sketch of a human face. The package comes with 4400 different facial features, and an easy to use interface. With an expanded database of 4,400 facial features, including new Latin, African-American and Asian co…Read More

  16. Glacier Technology Tuesday: Quantum Computing

    Quantum computing uses atomic level particles to do the heavy lifting, where speed and power could be significantly greater, superior to any current 'super computer.'  So the desire to design a full sized quantum computer has kept scientist, engineers, and physicists occupied with the potential. And there's progress to report. From Science World Report The so-called boson sampling computer ut…Read More

  17. Glacier Technology Tuesday – Using Nanoparticles for Insulin Delivery

    US Researchers have come up with a successful way to introduce a nano-particle network into the blood of a diabetes patient that would be able to deliver insulin as needed for up to ten days. The process, successful in animal trials, hopes to move to human clinical trials, where if it produces similar results could address two pressing problems with insulin delivery.  Patients would not have t…Read More

  18. Need to Jump Start A Project? Try This.

    Jon Bell over at medium.com has presented an interesting solution to an often vexing problem.   The problem is "getting started."  Trying to get your team, or just yourself, out of the gate and moving forward.  Whether you are in  search of a new idea, trying to develop a plan, or just deciding where to go to lunch, getting out the door can be a challenge.  To address this mental roadblock…Read More

  19. Glacier Technology Tuesday – How About A Stretchable Touch Screen

    Glacier Technology Tuesday can produce some interesting results.  Take this for example.  It is a stretchable experimental 'touch screen' that allows the user to interact with the screen in new ways. An inexpensive new prototype device called the Obake adds a new dimension to touch screen technology. The surface of the device, developed by Dhairya Dand and Rob Hemsley of the MIT Media Lab,…Read More

  20. Being A Good Neighbor Just Makes “Cents”

    Being a good neighbor to the communities you operate in makes good business sense.  If being cost-conscious improves that relationship then that is even better. Take recycling for example.  There are several forms of “recycling” you can employ that are both cost-conscious and good neighbor policies, and at Glacier we've embraced them all. You always want to dispose or discard materials prope…Read More