kodiqaklinux  rugged tablet plugAs you may know by now, tablets are fragile and should be handled with care. For many folks, tablets don’t last very long, and there are plenty of reasons why. If you’re someone who works in an environment in which a tablet won’t survive for long, you need our rugged tablets. Our rugged tablets have proven to be able to stand the test of time in all different types of environments. So, where does your tablet seem to fail you? Here are more ways that you may just ruin your not-so-tough tablet:

10 Easy Ways to Completely Ruin Your Not-So-Tough Tablet

  1. Watch where you plug it! Carelessly plugging in the power source to your tablet can cause you some serious problems. If you have never been great at plugging in those micro USB connectors, you may have damaged either the tablet or the power cord. If you’re someone who has fallen victim to this crisis, you would definitely enjoy the power and toughness of a rugged tablet.
  1. Say no to pockets. Pocket dwelling kills the life of smaller tablets and smartphones. We understand that not all tablets will fit into your back pocket, but even carrying them around and placing force on them with your movements could be just enough to snap your tablet in half, causing you grief. Instead of risking this possibility, buy a rugged tablet that can’t break!

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