Trying to use technology in the field can be hard, especially if you’re using a fragile device. Laptops and tablets usually aren’t made for field work, but the rugged tablets available at Glacier Computer are far from what you’d ever imagined. If you’re in an industry that hasn’t made the switch over to our rugged tablets, you may want to start soon!

We are the proud provider of rugged tablets to many industries. Industries that we provide for include construction,utilities, agriculture, waste management and more. Many industries love using our Glacier’s Ridgeline products. They are not only able to stay connected via high-speed internet, but they have all the systems they need to input information without trouble. Whether your business entails providing a tablet for a manager who needs it for adjusting worker’s schedules or recording data in the field, know that there is a rugged tablet for every need.

The products that we’re proud to provide for field service include the Fusion 7, T707, T710 and T810. These related products were made for a tough place. In fact, we’ve even fired bullets at our PDAs, dropped them from high distances and more to make sure they’re up for the task of providing users with fast-speed responses and application access that they need. Contact us online today to learn more about our field service products and order yours today!