Did you know that there are many different industrial applications you can have installed on your rugged tablets? Whether you need to centralize control over employees by tracking their network, want to have voice enablement software solutions or are eager to create your very own keyboards and panels to integrate into your workforce, our software applications for your rugged tablets are perfect for your needs.

Our Software – SOTI®Rugged tablet

SOTI is the industry leader for solving any unique challenges. Challenges, including securing, managing and tracking any remote desktop or mobile computing devices, such as the rugged tablets we have available, solutions are what you’ll receive when you purchase SOTI’s software. When you purchase a tablet from Glacier Computer, you can have MobiControl installed. MobiControl is SOTI’s most recognized application which is used for centralized control and device management, support, robust security and enhanced tracking on all of your tablets/computers.

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Do you want to learn more about Glacier Computer’s most popular software available when you purchase rugged tablets for your industry? We invite you to peruse our incredible selection of tablets, then read more about our software. We believe that industry leaders everywhere should have software that pushes their company further to boost growth and success, and our available tablets and software can do just that. To learn more about SOTI, feel free to visit us online here. Otherwise, if you have any questions about this software and how to purchase it, give us a call at 866-724-6257; we’re happy to help!