Dust is everywhere. With each human shedding ¾ of an ounce of skin a day, there is plenty of dust to go around. All of these flakes add up and can cause dust to form. However, this isn’t the only type of compound that causes dust to form. Dust can come from blowing dirt, pollen, molds, bacteria, animal dander, hair, fibers, insulation, dust mites, decomposing insects, but again, most commonly dust is caused by skin flakes that we all are culprits of shedding. If you work in an industry where technology is prevalent, this can become a problem. Dust has many different impacts on electronic components, which is just one reason why a tough tablet PC may be your best bet for succeeding at a task. So, what are the reasons why buying a tough tablet PC may be the best option for you to avoid dust?

Dust is rough on technology for the following reasons:

  1. Dust can cause your device, whatever it may be, to overheat. When dust accumulates inside of a device, it ends up insulating it. Avoid this by keeping your device dust-free at all times. However, sometimes this is just not an option for employees who work in a dusty environment. When you can’t get away from the dust, stop worrying and purchase a dust-proof rugged tablet.
  2. Dust can attract moisture. Everyone knows that moisture is bad for electronic components, but dust can actually cause the leakage problem. Did you know that moisture is attracted to dust? If your device gets dusty and soaks up moisture, you could have a leakage problem on your hands.

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