When you purchase tough tablets from Glacier Computer, it’s important to know there are a few different application options. Whether you’re looking for an application that helps to support, secure, manage and track mobile devices, or are looking for something that was built to stay connected to host systems, we have it all.

Our Software – StayLinkedtough tablets

StayLinked is another application we offer when you purchase your tough tablet from us. With StayLinked, you can be confident that all of your high speed wireless internet sessions and application access will never be dropped. Don’t let a slow internet connection get your workers down; with StayLinked, you can rest assured that the work will continue without any disruptions from dropped sessions. This software also offers unique architecture to provide consumers with the fastest TE solutions available for your tough tablets. Easily send and receive valuable information through your own personal terminal. Your handheld tough tablets can continue to be the go-to source for completing all of your inventory and other workforce solutions finished in a timely manner.

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To learn more about StayLinked and any of the other software applications available, please read our blog about SOTI® and stay tuned for our next post: Build-A-Board Software Application. However, if you’re interested in buying a brand new set of tough tablets from us, we recommend you peruse our incredible selection. We have tablets for every industry, indoors or outdoors. Feel free to give us a call at 877-724-6257 with any questions or concerns about our products, including StayLinked.