A Case Study

City Furniture Case Study.pdf

The Problem

City Furniture strives for the ultimate customer experience by delivering quality furnishings in a manner that fits all budgets.  With fifteen City Furniture Stores and nine Ashley Home Store showrooms they wanted to keep their state-of-the art distribution center running at peak efficiency.

The distribution center in Tamarac had operated effectively since 2001 with Glacier’s durable M-station terminals, but nine years of daily use was pushing the limits of any ROI equation; repairs were becoming an issue.  The decision was made to evaluate newer technology for their forklift operations.


Arriving at the Solution: Everest E2000 w/Windows CE

City Furniture created a team to manage the evaluation process, which included Juan Lopes (VP of IT), Ricky Maharaj (Network Admin), Christopher Roberts (Lead Developer), Technical Support Team staff, Operations Management, and Associates.  The team chose Glacier Computer as one of three vendors specializing in Rugged Industrial Computers.  Glacier’s Everest E2000 was tested side by side with two competitors, in the live environment of the distribution center, while feedback was collected from the operators and support specialists who would work with the equipment on a daily basis.  The tests revealed their choice; City Furniture selected Glacier’s Everest E2000.


“I’ve worked with Glacier’s technical support, and they’ve done a tremendous job evaluating and configuring the units to meet our specific needs.”

-Ricky Maharaj -Information Technology, City Furniture.


The Benefit:  Fewer support issues/Increased Productivity

The original M-Station terminals ran Windows 2000/XP, while the new E2000 ran Windows CE.  To take advantage of this new and improved O/S, the Glacier Technical Support team helped City Furniture craft a custom CE image that would reduce both configuration and maintenance time.  This close partnership helped speed up implementation and reduced the risk of the OS change.

The E2000 solved problems and helped relieve potential bottlenecks to productivity.  The custom CE image worked seamlessly with City Furniture’s own in-house, web-based, warehouse management system (WMS) application.  The application directs operation associates to specific aisles in the warehouse.  Whether they are pulling product for pick-up or delivery, a showroom display, or putting away new merchandise, it maintains an accurate, real-time inventory.  The E2000 also increased efficiency by providing faster boot times.  Another feature of the E2000 is the built-in Smart Battery technology.  It allows the WMS applications uninterrupted operation during picker forklift battery changes.


“ Since the implementation of the new Everest units, support issues around the warehouse pickers have dropped tremendously allowing us to focus on other aspects of the company as well as increased warehouse productivity by equipment increased uptime.”

-Ricky Maharaj -Information Technology, City Furniture.

With the E2000’s standard CE operating system employees could not only continue to use the existing web-based log-in system, but City Furniture was able to eliminate additional licensing costs for anti-virus software that they no longer needed.


“ In a fast paced rugged environment, operations depend on equipment that is durable, can sustain rough usage and still maintain great uptime and Glacier has delivered that for City Furniture.

-Ricky Maharaj -Information Technology, City Furniture.


City Furniture Case Study.pdf