1. Rugged Android Tablet – Fusion 7: The Video

    Most tablets break when you drop them, lean on them, sit on them, use them... Glacier's Fusion 7 rugged Android tablet is built to give you the versatility of a tablet, in a form factor and operating environment your employees will be familiar with.  But it is also built to survive almost any work environment.  Check this out...   Sorry - We have removed this content. New video will be prov…Read More

  2. Glacier Computer Announces – The Fusion 7 – Rugged Android Tablet

    Glacier Computer announces the release of a new Rugged Android Tablet for the Industrial Marketplace. Fusion 7 - Rugged Android Tablet The Fusion 7 Rugged Android Tablet extends the Glacier Computer product line of rugged industrial PCs, rugged tablets, portable hand-held devices, and fixed mounted data collection computers.  Glacier industrial computers are typically used in harsh industrial env…Read More

  3. Glacier Makes Wearable Computer Tech “History”

    Mashable.com recently posted a 'history of wearable Tech.'  They've got a few things you might not remember but the standard-bearers are there.  Calculator wristwatch,  Bluetooth headset,  the iPod, and of course Google glass.  But back in 2009 Glacier began offering a product called the W200, a fully functional wireless PC you wore on your wrist. And Mashable gave us props for it. We're stil…Read More

  4. Save the Carton – Save Time And Money

    When considering how you want to ship product to your customers ensuring the integrity of the contents is paramount.  At Glacier Computer, even though we specialize in rugged computers,  we selected a tough, double wall corrugated carton, and sprung for some very pricey custom-cut, padded foam-ears for our Everest line of computers. Yes, they do a great job of getting the product to the customer…Read More

  5. A Glacier In The Rainforest?

    How do you use a Glacier to promote spider-silk farming in Costa Rica? You Donate it to the Forman school. Forman School is a college-preparatory boarding and day school with a vital purpose: to deliver an unparalleled education for students with learning differences to empower them to succeed in college and throughout their lives. Glacier Computer donated a T510K Rugged tablet to the Forman Schoo…Read More

  6. Glacier Computer Opens ‘Shop Front’ at Forklift Action.com

    Glacier Computer designs and manufactures rugged computers in several different form factors including,  rugged handhelds, rugged tablets, and rugged VMT (Vehicle Mount Terminals), all used for data collection in harsh environments. Typical applications are mounting on a forklift or other heavy equipment, a warehouse wall or industrial piece of machinery, or more portable apps for managers, tech…Read More

  7. Felix Baumgartner’s 24 Mile Jump to Earth

    LA Times On Oct. 14, 2012, the Austrian skydiver stepped off the narrow porch of an experimental capsule hovering  127,852 feet over New Mexico and became the first free-falling person to break the sound barrier. Instruments recorded his top speed at 843.6 miles per hour, which is 1.25 times faster the speed of sound.  (YouTube Link)…Read More

  8. Glacier Rugged Tablets – The T707 Rugged Industrial Tablet

    The T707 combines the functionality of a desktop, the portability of a tablet and the convenience of a handheld in a rugged industrial form factor. Each system is certified to MIL-STD 810G/F for sealing, vibration and drop specifications. The T707 comes standard with a 7.0” display for low light conditions and the option for a 500 NIT sunlight readable, outdoor display. Communications to and fro…Read More

  9. Glacier Computer Spotlight – The Everest E4500 Rugged Mobile Mount Terminal

    Information is the key to success in warehousing and manufacturing.  Whether receiving inventory, filling orders, moving freight, or monitoring time and attendance, there is no better partner than the Everest from Glacier Computer. Warehouse personnel are not the easiest on equipment; but your data collection needs are 24/7, 365 days per year.  The Everest computers have been tested in the most …Read More

  10. How Rugged Are Your Mobile Solutions Outside The Four Walls?

    Successful management of large facilities is hard enough in temperate environments with heated warehouses. However, even ultra-conscientious workers and their electronic devices are challenged when placed outside the warmth and comfort of the executive suite. Harsh environments can wreak havoc on ordinary PCs, tablets, and other devices used to manage large facilities and the processes within thos…Read More

  11. Are 3D Printers in Your Future?

    3D printing is becoming affordable for small Business. The $499 price point for the da Vinci makes it the cheapest “plug and play” 3D printer out there. According to a statement released by XYZprinting Inc., “The da Vinci is a plug-n-play 3D printer with a large build size designed specifically for households and small businesses. With no assembly required, a smart design, unique safety feat…Read More

  12. Helping You Prosper in Harsh Environments

    In medical, industrial, vehicle-mount, and military deployments, Glacier Computer rugged tablets and rugged PCs have withstood harsh temperatures, vibration, and humidity in wet and dirty environments. If you need a rugged tablet, check out the Glacier Computer Rugged Tablet Comparison Chart available from this link. If you see a unit that may meet your needs, and want to put one to the test we’…Read More

  13. Up Your Warehouse or Distribution Center ‘Game’ With the Everest E2000

        Windows CE is the operating system of choice for leading warehouse and distribution centers. Ideal for thin client, HTML, and remote desktop applications; the Everest E2000 industrial computer is designed for vehicle and fixed-mount industrial applications. The E2000 is engineered to withstand extremes of vibration, shock, and moisture while providing users ready access to critical i…Read More

  14. IBM Uses “Electronic Blood” To Power and Cool Processors

    As we approach the extent to which powerful processors can be miniaturized the engineering has to move in a new direction. At IBM that direction is a brain-inspired 3D architecture, staking processors and memory in close proximity.  But it is a solution with the same old problem.  How do you remove all the heat? One possible answer; Electronic Blood. The art of liquid cooling has been demonstrat…Read More

  15. Extend Mobile Computing Power With New Chip

    Mobile computing has become ubiquitous as has charging the devices to keep them running.  People would rather be using them than charging them so researchers, designers, and engineers have been searching for ways to deliver not processing power but to balance the energy to feed it. With that goal in mind SuVolta has been looking for way to make transistors more energy efficient. SuVolta’s techn…Read More

  16. Glacier Computer Introduces the T707 Rugged Tablet

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Glacier Computer Adds Another Member to their Family of Rugged Tablet Offerings T707    RUGGED – CONFIGURABLE – JUST SMALLER New Milford, CT – September 1, 2013 - Glacier Computer, a leading provider of rugged industrial computing solutions, announces the addition of the T707 to an already powerful line up of rugged tablet options.  The T707 combines enhanced rugge…Read More

  17. Glacier Tech Tuesday – Blueprints for ‘Brain-like’ Computing

    IBM's TrueNorth seeks to create a computer architecture that is more like the human brain. In a series of three papers released today, [Dharmendra S. Modha's,] team details the TrueNorth system and its possible applications. Most modern computer systems are built on the Von Neumann architecture—with separate units for storing information and processing it sequentially—and they use programming …Read More

  18. It’s Good to Have Options – T710 Tablet Docking Options

    Glacier Computer's new T710 Rugged Tablet Computer is getting a lot of attention, and docking options are an important part of that mix. Having a tablet computer that is completely sealed from dust and particulates and can withstand a water bombardment of 12.5 liters per minute from a nozzle is great.  Having a piece of hardware that  can be dropped from 6 feet and still be well within warranty …Read More

  19. Sensor Based Logistics – A Supply Chain Game Changer

    Bar-codes ruled the roost for years when it came to tracking shipments and supply chain management and for the most part continue to play the role of 'Front-man' for the supply chain band.  RFID tags came along and added a layer of detail, supplementing the bar-code by allowing additional data collection as material moved (or was moved) past readers at fixed points in the supply chain.  The next…Read More

  20. Glacier Tech Tuesday – A 3D Printing Revolution

    Computer aided or assisted design has evolved thanks to the robotic revolution and innovations that made 3D printing a reality.  Today's designers and craftsman can exchange the hand-tools they used to use for digital design tools and equipment that allows them to turn their imagination into a part or product in a fraction of the time.   And not just where they are, but anywhere in the world wh…Read More