1. Glacier Computer Announces New Rugged Tablet T710

    New Milford, CT - June 2013 Glacier Computer, a leading provider of rugged industrial computing solutions, announces the addition of the T710 to an already powerful line up of rugged tablet options.  The T710 combines enhanced rugged specs, configurability and better value into one, very dependable package.  Backed by Glacier's, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" warranty coverage, the T710 is the perfect …Read More

  2. Is Wireless Neural Networking In Our Future?

    This is not a new field of study--the idea of transmitting neural activity to a PC or robot that then follows your commands--but it is new enough, as is this recent study done by researchers looking to map how the brain learns to use this technology. Nature World News The researchers were able to piggyback on top of the medical procedures and while the physicians watched for signs of a seizure, t…Read More

  3. Glacier Tech Tuesday – Fruit Hackers & The Fridge of the Future

    By manipulating light, carbon-dioxide, and nutrients cutting edge food scientists are hacking into fruits and vegetables in search of new ways to control how they grow.  This isn't some funky fertilizer research either.  Recent discoveries about light, for example, have produced some bountiful results. At the Wageningen greenhouses (Wageningen University and Research Center, Netherlands), resear…Read More

  4. Glacier Technology Tuesday – Do Smartphones Need a Kill Switch

    Would you want your Smartphone to have a kill switch? A New York State Attorney General and a San Francisco District Attorney are meeting with four major cell phone manufacturers to discuss the possibility of integrating a feature that would allow for the remote deactivation of the devices when stolen. New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and San Francisco District Attorney George Gas…Read More

  5. Take a Tour of Mount Everest – From Your Smart Phone

    A company called  3D RealityMaps has released a new app that lets you take virtual tours using satellite images, of Mount Everest. The app "Mount Everest 3D" by 3D Reality Maps offers the world's highest-resolution 3D map of the highest mountain on earth for smartphones and tablets. The map is based on satellite images from unique satellite WordView2 of DigitalGlobe and is so precise that the …Read More

  6. Glacier Technology Tuesday: New Digital Police Sketch Generator

    IQ Biometrix has developed a software package called FACES.  It allows almost anyone, without ever having been trained as a forensic artist, to render a near-photo-quality composite sketch of a human face. The package comes with 4400 different facial features, and an easy to use interface. With an expanded database of 4,400 facial features, including new Latin, African-American and Asian co…Read More

  7. Glacier Technology Tuesday: Quantum Computing

    Quantum computing uses atomic level particles to do the heavy lifting, where speed and power could be significantly greater, superior to any current 'super computer.'  So the desire to design a full sized quantum computer has kept scientist, engineers, and physicists occupied with the potential. And there's progress to report. From Science World Report The so-called boson sampling computer ut…Read More

  8. Glacier Technology Tuesday – Using Nanoparticles for Insulin Delivery

    US Researchers have come up with a successful way to introduce a nano-particle network into the blood of a diabetes patient that would be able to deliver insulin as needed for up to ten days. The process, successful in animal trials, hopes to move to human clinical trials, where if it produces similar results could address two pressing problems with insulin delivery.  Patients would not have t…Read More

  9. Glacier Technology Tuesday – How About A Stretchable Touch Screen

    Glacier Technology Tuesday can produce some interesting results.  Take this for example.  It is a stretchable experimental 'touch screen' that allows the user to interact with the screen in new ways. An inexpensive new prototype device called the Obake adds a new dimension to touch screen technology. The surface of the device, developed by Dhairya Dand and Rob Hemsley of the MIT Media Lab,…Read More

  10. Motion Technology for Every PC?

    The Nintendo Wii brought motion technology to console gaming, to be followed by everyone, but now a company called Leap Motion has developed a way for you to add that same motion interface technology to any PC. The Leap Motion is small and gives you control over 8 cubic feet of virtual space in front of your computer. The Leap is a simple motion controller that you can plug into any USB port …Read More

  11. Glacier Technology Tuesday – On Thursday: Another New Battery Solution

    In portable computing size, weight, and processing power matter.  One of the things that affect all of those is the battery.  So while we may appear obsessed with them--I just wrote about another battery technology just last month--we do so with good reason.  It can have a dramatic effect on our ability to deliver lighter weight, higher powered devices. This brings us to yet another new battery…Read More

  12. Follow Us On Twitter

    Glacier Computer has been on LinkedIn for some time, and we even have a facebook page, but until recently we'd never made the jump to twitter.  Well that time has come.  You can now follow us on twitter as we share links and news about Glacier products and events, as well as those of customers, industry experts, partners, technology and more. Tweets by @glaciercomp  …Read More

  13. Glacier Technology Tuesday – US Navy to Deploy Lasers on Ships

    How about laser weapons mounted on Navy vessels?  The Navy announced that is is prepared to deploy Laser Weapons to the US Fleet.  These infrared blow torches are 12 for 12 in taking down targets so next year the Pentagon plans to mount one on the back of ship and give it some real-world operational experience. Navy officials announced Monday that in early 2014, a solid-state laser prototype wi…Read More

  14. Have Scientists Just Created an Invisibility Cloak?

    We like science and technology so when Mashable posted a report that researchers at the University of Texas, Austin had created a light scattering metascreen--we had to check it out. Light scattering metascreen?  See also 'invisibility cloak.'  Well, sort of. Titled "Demonstration of an ultralow profile cloak for scattering suppression of a finite-length rod in free space," their research, pub…Read More

  15. Touchscreen PC Submerged Then Hosed off…Fully Powered and Operational

    We took a fully functional touchscreen PC,  submerged it in a puddle of muck, then hosed it off, all while plugged in and running.. because we could. This computer  (Glacier - S9000) is made for food processing operations,  outdoor kiosks, farms, or any any indoor or outdoor application, fixed or mobile, AC or DC power, anywhere you might want a shiny stainless steel unit you can hose off wh…Read More

  16. On-Line Training Options for Aerial Lift Operators

    Aerial Work Platforms are great places for using rugged computing power.  Wireless data collection when you are elevated above the ground-whether on a fixed, tablet, or hand-held computer--just makes sense.  But before you ever set foot on one you'll want to make sure you are certified and fully understand the best practices that ensure safe operation. To that end the International Powered…Read More

  17. Laser Scanning And Mobile Computing Meet The Construction Industry

    The Journal of Commerce reports that Construction and excavation operations are taking advantage of mobile technology and 3D laser scanners to do what used to take hours or days. “The 3D laser scanner creates thousands of point clouds to take measurements and visualizations,” he said. “It’s much faster and more accurate than survey crews.” Buness used a survey rod with a hand-held contro…Read More

  18. Is Everything Built To Be Broken?

    Consumer Electronics Talker Kim Komando recently published a list of common technology myths.  Things like MAC's never get viruses, the more megapixels the better, public Wi-Fi is safe and a myth near and dear to our hearts--Always buy new gear. To quote Kim... As long as you buy direct from the manufacturer or a trusted re-seller  and there’s a good return policy and warranty in place, ther…Read More

  19. An Environmentally Friendly Super Battery That Could Change Everything?

    Introducing Graphene, a carbon based super capacitor that charges like a capacitor but could discharge like a battery.   It has tremendous structural strength but is extremely light.  The cost to create it, at this point, is extremely low, while its potential as the battery of the future is high. Oh yeah, and this "super capacitor" is made entirely of carbon.  When you're done with it yo…Read More