1. The Glacier Blog is Back!

    We've got a new theme, a new look, and while there is still some remodeling left to complete, the Glacier blog is back. New content is arriving soon so stay connected with expanded social media sharing or sign up for email updates.…Read More

  2. The Glacier Blog is Back – Win an Android Tablet

    Just a quick note to inform everyone that the Glacier Blog is back.  We were down for a few months but everything appears to have been corrected. Please check back for  updates on new product announcements.  We are also giving away  a rugged Android tablet (pictured).  Just follow us on Twitter by July 4th for your chance to win.  …Read More

  3. Glacier Technology Tuesday: Quantum Computing

    Quantum computing uses atomic level particles to do the heavy lifting, where speed and power could be significantly greater, superior to any current 'super computer.'  So the desire to design a full sized quantum computer has kept scientist, engineers, and physicists occupied with the potential. And there's progress to report. From Science World Report The so-called boson sampling computer ut…Read More

  4. Need to Jump Start A Project? Try This.

    Jon Bell over at medium.com has presented an interesting solution to an often vexing problem.   The problem is "getting started."  Trying to get your team, or just yourself, out of the gate and moving forward.  Whether you are in  search of a new idea, trying to develop a plan, or just deciding where to go to lunch, getting out the door can be a challenge.  To address this mental roadblock…Read More

  5. Being A Good Neighbor Just Makes “Cents”

    Being a good neighbor to the communities you operate in makes good business sense.  If being cost-conscious improves that relationship then that is even better. Take recycling for example.  There are several forms of “recycling” you can employ that are both cost-conscious and good neighbor policies, and at Glacier we've embraced them all. You always want to dispose or discard materials prope…Read More

  6. Glacier Technology Tuesday – US Navy to Deploy Lasers on Ships

    How about laser weapons mounted on Navy vessels?  The Navy announced that is is prepared to deploy Laser Weapons to the US Fleet.  These infrared blow torches are 12 for 12 in taking down targets so next year the Pentagon plans to mount one on the back of ship and give it some real-world operational experience. Navy officials announced Monday that in early 2014, a solid-state laser prototype wi…Read More

  7. What’s In Your Mobile Work-Force?

    You've heard about it.  The global mobile workforce.  Well it's growing. The number of mobile workers across the globe will reach 1.3 billion by 2015 but research commissioned by ClickSoftware Technologies indicates that companies are not ready to tap this trend. Forty-six per cent of CIOs surveyed believe current corporate strategy does not deliver on the 'Mobile Dream.' However, 74% of CIOs be…Read More

  8. Your Boss Has No Idea…

    Supply Chain Digest has a story on the CBS show "Undercover Boss," that hits close to home.  A CEO of a large company spends some 'quality time' at one of his Distribution Centers (DC), only to find out that it's really hard work.  We do a lot of work with and in DC's so we could have told you that. For the second time, the popular CBS show Undercover Boss planted a CEO inside one of his company…Read More