1. Glacier Computer Introduces the T707 Rugged Tablet

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Glacier Computer Adds Another Member to their Family of Rugged Tablet Offerings T707    RUGGED – CONFIGURABLE – JUST SMALLER New Milford, CT – September 1, 2013 - Glacier Computer, a leading provider of rugged industrial computing solutions, announces the addition of the T707 to an already powerful line up of rugged tablet options.  The T707 combines enhanced rugge…Read More

  2. It’s Good to Have Options – T710 Tablet Docking Options

    Glacier Computer's new T710 Rugged Tablet Computer is getting a lot of attention, and docking options are an important part of that mix. Having a tablet computer that is completely sealed from dust and particulates and can withstand a water bombardment of 12.5 liters per minute from a nozzle is great.  Having a piece of hardware that  can be dropped from 6 feet and still be well within warranty …Read More

  3. Glacier Computer Announces New Rugged Tablet T710

    New Milford, CT - June 2013 Glacier Computer, a leading provider of rugged industrial computing solutions, announces the addition of the T710 to an already powerful line up of rugged tablet options.  The T710 combines enhanced rugged specs, configurability and better value into one, very dependable package.  Backed by Glacier's, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" warranty coverage, the T710 is the perfect …Read More

  4. Take a Tour of Mount Everest – From Your Smart Phone

    A company called  3D RealityMaps has released a new app that lets you take virtual tours using satellite images, of Mount Everest. The app "Mount Everest 3D" by 3D Reality Maps offers the world's highest-resolution 3D map of the highest mountain on earth for smartphones and tablets. The map is based on satellite images from unique satellite WordView2 of DigitalGlobe and is so precise that the …Read More

  5. Touchscreen PC Submerged Then Hosed off…Fully Powered and Operational

    We took a fully functional touchscreen PC,  submerged it in a puddle of muck, then hosed it off, all while plugged in and running.. because we could. This computer  (Glacier - S9000) is made for food processing operations,  outdoor kiosks, farms, or any any indoor or outdoor application, fixed or mobile, AC or DC power, anywhere you might want a shiny stainless steel unit you can hose off wh…Read More

  6. Is Everything Built To Be Broken?

    Consumer Electronics Talker Kim Komando recently published a list of common technology myths.  Things like MAC's never get viruses, the more megapixels the better, public Wi-Fi is safe and a myth near and dear to our hearts--Always buy new gear. To quote Kim... As long as you buy direct from the manufacturer or a trusted re-seller  and there’s a good return policy and warranty in place, ther…Read More

  7. What’s In Your Mobile Work-Force?

    You've heard about it.  The global mobile workforce.  Well it's growing. The number of mobile workers across the globe will reach 1.3 billion by 2015 but research commissioned by ClickSoftware Technologies indicates that companies are not ready to tap this trend. Forty-six per cent of CIOs surveyed believe current corporate strategy does not deliver on the 'Mobile Dream.' However, 74% of CIOs be…Read More

  8. Glacier Announces the Everest E4500 Rugged Forklift Terminal

    GLACIER COMPUTER ANNOUNCES EVEREST E4500 RUGGED FORKLIFT TERMINAL Glacier Computer, a leading provider of rugged industrial computing solutions, announced today the addition of the E4500 to the Everest line-up of fixed and vehicle mount terminals (VMT's).  The E4500 adds additional configuration options for their core markets of warehouse, distribution, manufacturing, and logistics.  The E4500 c…Read More

  9. Shock and Vibration – The Everest Shake Test

    Shock and Vibration can wreck a typical computer in short order.  They are not designed from the board up to withstand that kind of use.  They are meant to sit next to your desk and collect dust.  But the Everest Vehicle Mount Terminals are HALT tested, and engineered to continue working in the most extreme environments. To ensure continued reliability, we regularly shake test them.  To do thi…Read More

  10. City Furniture Finds Efficiencies with Glacier’s Everest E2000 VMT

    A Case Study City Furniture Case Study.pdf The Problem City Furniture strives for the ultimate customer experience by delivering quality furnishings in a manner that fits all budgets.  With fifteen City Furniture Stores and nine Ashley Home Store showrooms they wanted to keep their state-of-the art distribution center running at peak efficiency. The distribution center in Tamarac had operated eff…Read More