Glacier-Customer Service 1Your employees need tools that can survive the workplace, but you need something more. Rugged devices and superior customer service.

Equipment that can survive bouncing around in a cab, a three-foot drop, heat, cold, humidity, or all of the above with thousands of hours of vibration, bumps, and impacts AND a partner dedicated to solving your old problems and your new ones.

“Over the years our persona developed into one of immediate service and response, says Ron D’Ambrosio, President of Glacier Computer, LLC. It was no surprise how appreciative customers were to this level of service. It’s expected.”

To better serve that partnership we’re opening a new Sales office out west, to ensure prompt response time to our customers from the Continental Divide to the Pacific Ocean.

Rodney Mitchell, Glacier’s Sales Manager for the last ten years, will manage the new office.

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rodney-quote Customer Service

Glacier’s success continues to turn on our focus on customer service and a penchant for saying yes to everything of reason. And if you come to us with your technology problem we’ll try to hunt down a solution even if one has not been created yet.

From Coast to Coast, in Canada, Mexico, and beyond, Glacier continues to offer fast service, high-quality, rugged products, and unsurpassed engineering expertise for unique requirements.

Glacier delivers the expertise of a market giant with the service focus of a small company, and to further that commitment to service we’ve opened an office out west.

And all of our contact resources remain the same.

Please reach out to Rodney Mitchell,, 866-724-6257 x3207 with any questions you may have. Your input on improvements to service is always welcomed and appreciated.

Find Glacier on Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – YouTube – Google+