“The development and implementation of the vendor registration database has had a major impact on the ability of the purchasing division to streamline and improve the process for issuing bids, RFPS and other documents.

The efficiencies gained included:

  1.  Reduced time necessary to prepare and notify interested parties of city projects.
  2.  More timely, frequent communication to the public.
  3.  A reduction of staff time required to track vendor info (thereby increasing staff productivity and enabling a redirection of effort toward other important initiatives).
  4.  A clear reduction in paper usage relative to production of plans and specifications.
  5.  Significant cost savings in postage expenses required to mail and ship those same documents.
  6.  Improved service delivery to city departments through an enhanced ability to process documents more rapidly (allowing projects to move forward more easily).”

Jeffrey W. Titus
Purchasing Agent
City of Keene