Glacier Computer supports many customers in the food processing industry ranging from premier producers of ice cream to industry giants in the brand-name food and meat products arena.

The computing demands of food processing applications are unique and Glacier Computer’s business tablets and computers are specifically designed to meet these challenges.

Glacier’s rugged mobile computing devices have allowed food processing companies to bring traceability, formula verification, and weighing directly to the manufacturing floor. Glacier business tablets and computers give workers on the plant floor direct access to critical information while also allowing for instant data input imperative to the food processing industry.


The Glacier S9000 boasts a large high-bright 15” display and touchscreen housed in a stainless steel enclosure. The S9000 is sealed to exacting industry standards and can be cleaned under high pressure by an array of food processing industry disinfectants. The S9000 has an Intel based computing architecture and runs all Windows applications while communicating wirelessly or via hard-wired Ethernet. All I/O ports are sealed and are engineered to withstand any mandatory industry cleaning procedures.

The S9000 engineers designed the enclosure to be smooth and free of any grooves or crevices thus easy to clean and preventing the ultimate potential build-up of any harmful bacteria.


Glacier industrial food processing customers also have important data collection and transmission needs away from the literal food production itself. Demands including ingredient delivery, finished goods movement to a warehouse bin location, customer order fulfillment, and loading of trailers, all require rugged data collection equipment. Glacier’s Kodiak all-in-one forklift computer is designed specifically for lift truck mounting including forklifts, stock pickers and pallet trucks. The Kodiak is a PC-based tablet with wireless network connectivity, touchscreen interface and Intel processor. Forklift operators receive orders and instructions while then transmitting updates and status on the forklift computer. The Kodiak’s internal 12-48VDC converter and integrated mounting system make it the ideal choice for forklift computing.

Contact a Glacier representative about how the S9000 and Kodiak can bring greater efficiency and accuracy to your industrial food processing environment.