Our industrial keyboards are designed to provide rugged and reliable use in any environment.
All tough keyboards are sealed against the elements and feature rugged locking options for the ultimate in security. We offer several keyboard styles and layouts to accommodate a variety of applications and input alternatives. Connections to your industrial computer include PS/2, USB, and 802.11 wireless! Keyboard feature options include pointing devices, numeric pads, backlighting, function keys, etc. And, all keyboards are conveniently mounted using an array of Glacier brackets suitable for walls, forklifts, vehicles, carts, etc. Please contact your Glacier sales representative to see which rugged wireless keyboard will work best in your environment.


Rugged Keyboard with Pointer
Glacier Part Number: 6-02-00023

Product Description:
Washable, Black 11″ USB, QWERTY, Adjustable LED Backlighting Keys, Clean Key, NEMA 4, Integrated Pointing Device.

Glacier Part Number: 6-02-00017

Product Description:
This keyboard is designed to meet NEMA 4X specifications. It features an ABS polycarbonate case, 116 keys including 24 function keys, and a Force Sensing Resistor pointing device. These features make the DU-5K a total solution in one convenient package.