Glacier’s a wide range of custom engineered and off-the-shelf rugged tablet and rugged laptop and forklift vehicle computer mounting systems to meet your specific applications. Whether on a forklift, construction vehicle, cart, dock door, police car, or shop floor, Glacier has a mounting bracket to optimize space and usability.  All Glacier mounting solutions are designed and built to withstand the same harsh environments that our computers are designed to withstand.

When selecting between mounting systems, there are several important considerations. On a fork truck as an example, the computer needs to be positioned within the confines of the lift while being both easy to interface with, while not obscuring operator line of sight. And, line of sight includes both being able to see the floor ahead or behind as you drive, but also clearly seeing the forks as a load is picked up or put away, sometimes 40’ above! Or forklift computer brackets allow for mounting on both sit down and stand up lifts as well as stock pickets and pallet jacks.  Kodiak units and tablets often mount to firewalls, roof pillars, and roof cages.  In addition, we offer mounting accessories for keyboards whether they are mounted directly below the computer of separately away from the computer itself.

The Glacier Kodiak computer and most of the docks for the rugged tablets we deploy have VESA hole patterns, Glacier mounting arms are designed with matching VESA patterns thus the connection is secure and the options numerous. Computers are properly angled and then easily tightened to remain in place over the course of daily use in vibration and shock-intense environments.

Options also exist for fixed-mount shop floor installations. Units can be secured close to a wall, on a desk, or at a workstation. Viewing angles can be altered while the computer while the computer is at no risk of being dropped or falling from position.

Rugged industrial tablets can be mounted onto forklifts, into police cars and onboard marine and rail applications.Whether in a passive or active dock, the tablet can be positioned with the proper mounting solution in both a safe and ergonomic position. Options for easy removal or lock down of vehicle computer mounting systems are available.

Our vehicle computer mount systems include:

  • Overhead
  • Pedestal
  • Swing arm
  • Wall-mount
  • Keyboard options