Rugged Tablet computers are an integral component of data collection operations throughout an array of industries and organizations. Rugged tablets are commonly deployed into distribution, warehousing, freight, field service, construction, and manufacturing environments. Applications catering to both Windows and Android tablet computers include picking and put-away, dock management, inspections, work order and service call processing, and shop floor data collection. Distributed computing, the ability to bring unbridled computing power to the far reaches of an organization’s operation or service area, is now a common place reality. Advances in computer tablet technology ensures a solution can be found for nearly any challenge whether it be environmental, durability, form factor, or ease of use.

Glacier Computer represents the best rugged tablets in the industry. And, our expertise allows us to provide customers with unmatched guidance in selecting the very best ruggedized tablets for their particular application.

Commercial Windows and Android tablet computers are readily available to consumers and are commonly used for both personal entertainment and small-business transactions. Entering an order, processing a credit card, and perhaps showing pictures or video of products are examples of commercial tablet usage.

The demands for rugged tablets, however, are quite different and cross many industries and applications. Glacier Computer fields computer tablet inquiries and finds tablet solutions for customers in warehousing/3PL, manufacturing, freight, field service, engineering, public safety, construction and more. From cross docking to field surveys, from photo inspections to police, fire and EMS work, Glacier Computer represents ruggedized tablets that will meet the demands of the environment.

Rugged tablets possess features and capabilities that their commercial brethren simply do not offer. Features that are mandatory in a mobility application where ease of use and durability are tantamount, are commonly available in Glacier Computer’s ruggedized tablets.

These features include:

  • Sunlight readable displays
    • Multiple display sizes
    • Touchscreens
    • Hot swap batteries
    • Intel ISeriesprocessing power
    • Large memory and storage capacity
    • Sealing against water and dust
    • Class 1 Division 2 options
    • Integrated scanner
    • Internal Wifi, GPS, and 4G
    • Carry cases, office and vehicle docks
    • Diverse mounting options
    • DC power converters

Tablet computers complement forklift mounted computers, handhelds and fixed-mount units and should be considered an integral piece of any organization-wide data collection implementation.


Do rugged tablets run common operating systems?

Yes, they are available with Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems as well as Android.

What are common available display sizes?

Display sizes include 7”, 8”, 10”, and 12”.

Can tablet computers be seen in outdoor sunlit conditions?

Yes, their displays are designed to be viewed and used in outdoor applications including vehicles and portable data collection activities.

Do they come with touchscreens?

Yes, all have durable multi-touch projected capacitive touchscreens.

What forms of wireless communication are available?

All tablets offered by Glacier Computer can be configured with 802.11 wireless, Bluetooth, 4G, and GPS.

Can a unit be mounted onto a forklift?

Yes, it can be mounted onto any forklift via an associated dock and can be powered by an appropriate DC power converter. A tablet should be considered for a forklift when it is intended that the forklift operator will be getting on and off the lift with the computer and performing a mobile computing operation. Otherwise, an all-in-one forklift computer should be considered.

What are some of the common I/O ports available on a rugged computer tablet?

Tablets traditionally offer multiple USB, Ethernet, headphone and mic, HDMI, docking port, and pass thru from WiFi, GPS and WWAN

Are there options for cases, carry straps and docks?

Yes, there is an array of carry cases, shoulder and X straps. Docks are available for desktop, wall and vehicle use. Docks have I/O ports allowing for multiple connections while making ease of removal and insertion for the tablet.

Are there options for processors, memory and storage?

Tablets can be equipped with efficient Intel Bay-Trail processors up to powerful I5 and I7 processors. Memory up to 16Gb and solid-stage storage up to 256 Gb is available.

Are they tested for their durability?

Rugged tablets are designed to MIL-STD-810G and are built to withstand significant shock and vibration. Sealing and protection against dust and water is ensured by tablets meeting standardized testing to IP65 levels.

What kind of warranties are available?

Some come standard with three year warranties and others come standard with three-year bumper to bumper warranties. All warranties can be enhanced at time of purchase out to five years.