In medical, industrial, vehicle-mount, and military deployments, Glacier Computer rugged tablets and rugged PCs have withstood harsh temperatures, vibration, and humidity in wet and dirty environments.

If you need a rugged tablet, check out the Glacier Computer Rugged Tablet Comparison Chart available from this link. If you see a unit that may meet your needs, and want to put one to the test we’ll gladly provide you with a free evaluation unit so you can see for yourself.

One of my roles and functions at Glacier Computer is to help you.  If you’d like to discuss your application and how we can help if not “conquer the elements,” at least prosper within harsh environments, or if you just need more information … just give me a call or drop me a line.

AND … if you don’t see the exact rugged device that you need, let’s discuss how Glacier can customize and build the exact rugged unit that does!

Thanks very much!

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Dave Hewett
Client Relationship Specialist

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