Glacier Computer’s new T710 Rugged Tablet Computer is getting a lot of attention, and docking options are an important part of that mix.

Having a tablet computer that is completely sealed from dust and particulates and can withstand a water bombardment of 12.5 liters per minute from a nozzle is great.  Having a piece of hardware that  can be dropped from 6 feet and still be well within warranty coverage and specifications is even more enticing.   And by itself, the  T710 has plenty of mobility, features, and I/O to become the managing resource for all of your data collection activities.  But what if you want to put it on a cart or a lift, or dock it in a vehicle?

The T710 has two different docking solutions with multiple applications.

T710 Rugged Tablet in Desktop Dock
T710 Rugged Tablet in Desktop Dock

The optional Mobile mount a dock gives you the option of putting the tablet wherever you need it.  You can dock it in a vehicle, on a forklift, a 4-wheeler, or a golf cart.  Fixed mount the system to a wall, at a point of service, or on a production line.  If an when you need it more mobile, just remove it and use it like a tablet.

While mounted the dock provides 4 USB ports, a VGA out, RJ45, twin RS232 pots, and two antenna connections for GPS or other applications.  There’s a key-lock to keep the T710 secured in the docking station until you need to remove it.

The T710 also comes with an optional desktop dock.  This docking station provides 2 additional USB 2.0 ports , HDMI, VGA, and a LAN port, with a DC-jack, and Kensington lock.  Combining these accessories would allow you to use the T710 as a desktop computer, a tablet computer, as a mobile mount unit in a vehicle, or in multiple fixed or mobile mount applications, wherever and whenever you needed it.

The T710 is just one of several 7″, 8″ and 10″  rugged and semi-rugged tablet solutions available from Glacier Computer to provide you with all the mobility and “rugged” you require for your data delivery and collection needs.