Rugged terminals, tablets, and hand-helds all get drop tested because we all drop things.  We drop our phones, commercial grade tablets, car keys, briefcases, laptop bags, coffee, bagel–which always lands cream cheese side down…

Employees in the field or on the shop floor are as likely to drop company property as they are their own and we are no different.   In fact, we like to drop things–think of it as an industry perk; a requirement even.  But we do not feel compelled to constrain our ‘dropsies’ to the standard “three feet to plywood or concrete” scenario you’ll read on the glossy 8.5′ x 11″ spec sheets.   We like to keep our options open. So as winter winds down in our neck of the global woods what better time to revisit a three foot drop test to ice–a very realistic scenario for anyone out in the field who works through cold and icy winters like we do–complete with ice skates and hockey sticks in our popular version of a real Tablet “face-off.”

The T508 is just one option in our line of rugged tablets and mobile computing solutions.  Be sure to check out the T708 and the  new T710 as well.


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