The Nintendo Wii brought motion technology to console gaming, to be followed by everyone, but now a company called Leap Motion has developed a way for you to add that same motion interface technology to any PC.

The Leap Motion is small and gives you control over 8 cubic feet of virtual space in front of your computer.

The Leap is a simple motion controller that you can plug into any USB port on your computer.  Once it’s plugged in and you’ve installed the Leap software, it turns the 8-cubic feet of air in front of it into “3D interaction space” — basically, it’ll track any and all motion within that space, letting you use your hands to do whatever you could do with a mouse.

The device has been reported to be 200 times more sensitive than any existing motion based technology that has come before.   It can discern each finger and detect what it is doing.  And can we bet that there will be a rush of new software to take advantage of this new and exciting interface?  Let’s hope so, because the Leap Motion detector is only $69.99.  (Although, looking at their video below…I think interfacing with what you have now should not be a problem.)

You can pre-order them for May delivery and be the first ‘kid’ on your block to own one.