When considering how you want to ship product to your customers ensuring the integrity of the contents is paramount.  At Glacier Computer, even though we specialize in rugged computers,  we selected a tough, double wall corrugated carton, and sprung for some very pricey custom-cut, padded foam-ears for our Everest line of computers.

Yes, they do a great job of getting the product to the customer as intended but they are also designed to be economically and environmentally conscious.  The double-walled cartons are sturdy enough for multiple trips through the hands of your shipper of choice.   The padded ears can last for years, which means you can reuse the same set dozens of times.

By providing customers with a durable, reusable packing solution they will almost never need to find or use their own material to ship an Everest Vehicle Mount Terminal, whether it is to an offsite IT facility, another operations site or distribution center, back to us for the refurb program, an upgrade, or a repair.

You may also find that keeping the Glacier carton and foam ears on hand will save you on labor costs as well.  Instead of paying someone to find and use your material to wrap and package a Glacier unit, they can use ours and complete the task in seconds.  Sixteen seconds, actually.