Supply Chain LogisticsBar-codes ruled the roost for years when it came to tracking shipments and supply chain management and for the most part continue to play the role of ‘Front-man’ for the supply chain band.  RFID tags came along and added a layer of detail, supplementing the bar-code by allowing additional data collection as material moved (or was moved) past readers at fixed points in the supply chain.  The next evolution in tracking would require an active GPS/cellular Geo-location technology to capture and share data throughout the entire supply chain, even when the product is in the air.  Well, that technology is here.

With today’s technology, companies are able to monitor the temperature, barometric pressure, light exposure, humidity and location of sensitive shipments in real time, thanks to devices such as FedEx’s SenseAware.

Combining a small multi-sensor device which is placed in shipments with an innovative online application, the new FedEx SenseAware can provide customers with real-time data which logs manual checks and charts atmospheric changes, even while a shipment is in the air.

“SenseAware gives customers the power to monitor key factors such as environmental conditions, location and even whether or not a package has been opened. This near real-time flow of data eliminates the need for an RFID scanner or data logger, as customers (and other business parties to which the customer has granted permission) can log in to the SenseAware application to monitor journeys, and even customise triggers, while the package is in transit…”

SenseAware, an FAA approved cellular device, adds a whole new dimension to data collection, distribution, and he management of the supply chain, routing, bottlenecks, and more.