This week on Tech Tuesday on Wednesday we’ve got one of the most stylish portable-power options available (in September) from Mercedes Benz.

According to the details shared by Mercedes-Benz, the energy content of each of the energy storage units is 2.5kWh; with eight combined units capable of holding a total of 20kWh energy content. (Read More…)

There is a counter-top oven you can monitor and operate with an app on your smartphone.

June has a 5-inch touch display and click knob that provides easy control and brings in modern technology with touch screens and Internet connectivity. A 2.3GHz Quad Core NVIDIA Processor with 192 Cuda Cores is included in the oven, which also has an HD camera, kitchen scale, and dual-surround convection for faster and even cooking, as well as carbon-fiber heating elements. (Read More…)

And TiVO comes to the rescue with TiVO online…

Searching and discovering TV programs that you are keen on watching has now been made pretty easy by TiVO Online, which is a free portal that helps you find programs you want to watch from your cable operator or a wide array of streaming services. (Read More…)

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