This week on Tech Tuesday on Wednesday we bring you…

The worlds thinnest light bulb – How thin is it?

“This new type of ‘broadband’ light emitter can be integrated into chips and will pave the way towards the realisation of atomically thin, flexible, and transparent displays, and graphene-based on-chip optical communications,”

A view from Pluto – The former planet not the cartoon dog.

We’re now down to less than a month before NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft makes its closest approach to Pluto on July 14…and there are two stellar ways for you to get in on the excitement.

And…Driving a Range Rover remotely from your Smartphone – Today Range Rover, Tomorrow…?

Jaguar Land Rover is developing smartphone control technology that lets you pilot a car (in this case, a Range Rover Sport) at very low speeds while you’re outside, helping you get past difficult terrain or tricky parking spots. 

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