This weeks less than typical tech news includes battling drones (as a hobby), a “camera”(or is it an accessory) from OLYMPUS for your smartphone, and IKEA scries the connected kitchen of the future.

Game of Drones “…aerial sports — drone fighting and racing — seem primed to become a major new driver of consumer drone sales, and Cornblatt is sitting atop a deranged and delightful empire in the making.”

OLYMPUS ups your selfie game: “Officially called the Olympus Air A01, the 16-megapixel camera is more of smartphone camera accessory than a typical mirrorless camera. Olympus has managed to cram the sensor, storage, battery and other camera functions into a handheld body that is about the same size as an average DSLR lens.”

IKEA explores the concept kitchen of 2025: “Ten years in the future, the world will be a very different place. (Read how). What does that mean for us, for the design of kitchens, and the people who make them – and how will we be able to live a sustainable life at home?”