This week we’ve got magnetic storms, a smarter smoke detector, and a vulnerability alert for Adobe Flash.


The last storm was seen as far south as Washington DC.

(bbc.comOn Wednesday (July 24), the Space Weather Prediction Center said the Northern Lights should be visible across most of Canada and in the U.S. northern tier states of North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan and northern Maine.

Does your smoke alarm chirp wthen the battery is low? And do you have to struggle to silence the alarm when it is set off by shower steam or burning Halibut?  Guess What?  Now there’s a battery with an app for that.

(CNN Money)  The Roost, a $35 9-Volt Wi-Fi battery for your smoke alarm, will notify your smartphone when your smoke detector is going off, it will let you silence your smoke alarm from an app, and it will send low-battery alerts to your phone — no more 3 a.m. wakeups.

I know, you probably just updated your Adobe Flash but you need to update it again. They found a vulnerability…

(  Adobe has released an emergency software patch for Flash after it found a serious vulnerability being exploited by hackers. The company said it had evidence of “limited, targeted attacks” and urged people to update their software immediately. …Users can check if their installation of Flash is up to date by visiting the Adobe website – the current latest version is


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