Scoutee wireless smart phone radar
Image Credit: Gizmodo

Would you like to turn your Smartphone into a radar gun? Yes, you can. Scoutee is a wireless device that is pocket friendly and rechargeable, and links to an app on your phone. The Kickstarter pitch focuses on pitching but it could have wider applications if it is as accurate as they claim.


Image Credit; Techcrunch
Image Credit: Techcrunch

Use the Scoutee on one of Google’s robot-cars, which the company is beginning to think are driving a bit too careful. Interacting with real human drivers presents a challenge that overly-safe robot cars are not yet–apparently–prepared for. Google is looking at ways to incorporate the variables of drivers who are only human to reduce collisions with their fledgling fleet. (Most of the errors “appear to be the fault of humans” -no surprise there- a phrase we’d better get used to as technology pries it’s way into every corner of our lives.)


self-destruct-buttonHow about a computer chip that self-destructs on command? “The new method utilizes silicon computer wafers attached to a piece of tempered glass, which when heated in one spot shatters into small pieces.”


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