Glacier Tech Tuesday

This time around we’ve uncovered more cool smartphone tech, trolling with an un-liftable Thor’s hammer, a device that allows the blind to hear the deaf, and video of a self-driving DeLorean named MARTY.

First up? We keep running in to affordable smartphone tech that is simply amazing. If you missed last week’s TTOW we found a way to turn your phone in to a radar gun. This week check out how to use your smartphone with an affordable 3D scanner.

The system works by scanning the surface a green laser. The laser connects via Bluetooth to your phone camera and allows you to create a point cloud of the object in alarming detail. Best of all the system scans in full color – a unique feature that I haven’t seen in a smaller scanner.

If you are worried about someone stealing your hammer, or maybe Thor’s hammer, check this out. Alan Pan has created an unliftable replica of Mjolnir

Pan’s version of the hammer contains an electromagnet snagged from a microwave. Place it on a metal surface, and, just like the films, the thing becomes virtually immovable.

Want to convert physical sign language in to text or speech?

Convert sign language into test or speech. Image credit: Popular Mechanics
Convert sign language into test or speech. Image credit: Popular Mechanics


Designer Hadeel Ayoub​, a Goldsmiths, University of London student, created a glove that translates sign language into text and speech. Actually, she’s created three different prototypes, the latest of which incorporates a text-to-speech chip to say out loud what’s being signed so that the blind can actually hear the deaf.


It’s Back to the Future Day, that day in history when we should be driving flying cars, using hover-boards, and dressing…badly. So why not celebrate with video of a Stanford’s self-driving electric DeLorean, MARTY.