Glacier Tech TuesdayAre Quantum Processors in our near-future? A team from the University of New South Wales, Australia says yes.

“Our team at UNSW has just cleared a major hurdle to making quantum computing a reality,” the director of the university’s Australian National Fabrication Facility, Andrew Dzurak, the project’s leader, said.“As well as demonstrating the first quantum logic gate in silicon, we’ve also designed and patented a way to scale this technology to millions of qubits using standard industrial manufacturing techniques to build the world’s first quantum processor chip.”


Microsoft Surfacebook laptop
Image Credit; TechCrunch

Microsoft is officially all-in on the laptop market and has brought the Surface “convertible” technology along for the ride.

Microsoft unveiled its first laptop. Called the Surface Book, it doesn’t look like a Surface at all. It has a 13.5-inch display, a trackpad made of glass, a backlit keyboard and a machined magnesium body. Microsoft has one trick up its sleeve — the screen is detachable.



Roku 4
Image Credit: TechCrunch

And TV Keeps getting better. Roku has unveiled the Roku 4, faster, better, (a bit bigger) but loaded.

 The Roku 4’s launch is a significant one in the rapidly heating-up connected player market, where companies including Apple, Google, Amazon, TiVo and others offer their own streaming media devices…

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