Glacier End of Life Product Notification

Notification Date 11/19/2014
Product Affected Everest E2000 CE
Last Time Buy 3/15/2015
Special Pricing 12/30/2014

Due to an End of Life situation on major processor chipsets from OMAP, we are preparing to discontinue the E2000 CE product line. As such, it is necessary for Glacier Computer to designate the above listed product for End of Life (EOL).

The last-time buy notices are intended to give customers a good window in which to migrate to another Glacier solution.

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Special pricing incentives will remain in place until 12/30/2014, after which standard prices will prevail.

Glacier Computer strives to maintain a roadmap of products that allow several options for product replacement or product migration. These options are usually parallel replacement, upgrade replacement or alternative replacement. Your sales contact will help you explore these options.

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