Glacier Computer T710 Rugged Mobile ComputingSuccessful management of large facilities is hard enough in temperate environments with heated warehouses.

However, even ultra-conscientious workers and their electronic devices are challenged when placed outside the warmth and comfort of the executive suite. Harsh environments can wreak havoc on ordinary PCs, tablets, and other devices used to manage large facilities and the processes within those facilities.

Efficiency and ruggedness matter when you are:

»Tracking inventory or assets
»Planning scheduled maintenance
»Communicating matters of urgency
»Executing last minute changes securely and without interruption
»Managing the typical processes common within, for example, food processing or pharmaceuticals

In any of these environments, and even during the recent deep freezes affecting almost every part of the country, you can count on rugged solutions from Glacier Computer.

Whatever the challenges of the environment in and around your facility, Glacier provides the reliable industrial computing platforms that manage your equipment, logistics, information, and people.

All of Glacier’s rugged industrial computers use standard PC architecture, multiple standard I/O, and the latest wired and wireless network protocols. Don’t be lulled into thinking that just because your application only requires a web browser, your computer needs to be any less rugged.

Glacier manufactures rugged tablet computersforklift computersmobile devices  and fixed mounted industrial computers that are equipped with a variety of configurable options. All rugged computers from Glacier are built to last and stand up to water, dust, temperature extremes, shock, and vibration. The average life of a Glacier rugged computer is 4.5 years.

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